Sunday mornings @ 9:15

 We have an adult Sunday School class for you!!!! 

Fellowship Ladies (Cherie Stiles) – Choir Room

Bethany Women’s Class—Fellowship Hall Room

Co-ed II (Luie Whitaker) – Fellowship Hall

Young Adult Class—Room # 101—Basement

Co-ed III—Room # 105—Basement

Co-ed IV (Mark Kittinger) – Room # 102—Basement

Discipleship Ladies (Brenda Green) - Room # 103—Basement

Middle School & High School – Youth Room

Friends & Encouragers— (Keith Stratton) Myer Creek Park

Men’s Sunday School Class—CLC Gathering Room     

Bethany Women's Class
Fellowship Hall Room

We are a friendly and supportive group who love and pray for one another. Women ages 65-85. Teacher presents material in addition to the printed lesson with some opportunities for discussion. Lessons are very informative and well prepared. 

Teacher: Carol Ann Robertson

Teacher: Gloria Harkins

Teacher: Galena Fulkerson

Coed II Sunday School Class
Fellowship Hall - Luie Whitaker

50-70 years olds-singles and couples. Teacher presents material in printed lessons with lots of opportunities for discussion.

Teacher: Luie Whitaker

Teacher: John Hollander

Coed IV Sunday School Class
Room 102 in educational building basement Mark Kittinger-teacher

Expository verse-by-verse teaching style led by teacher with enriching contributions from class members from their life experiences and relevant application. 35-80 year olds-singles and couples.

Teacher: Mark Kittinger

Teacher: Tim Brown

As our Sunday School Director often says, "There is a class for each and every one of you!" So join us in whichever class you feel most comfortable as we read and study the Word of God togerther.