Please remember the following people in your prayers

Barbie Morris Irby Family

Kenny Underwood Family

Shelia Fulkerson Family

Margaret Doris Mattingly Schadler Family

(Jane Hansford’s Mother)


Wayne Austin, Zelda Humphrey, Ann Emory,  Toni Denton, Karen White,  Kim Hicks Wood, Sandra Mason, Ruth & Rhonda Roark’s sister; Tracy Cole, Becky Level, Charles Wahl, John & Trina Hollander’s friend, Ricky Sallee; Johnny Keith Knight, Ronald Logsdon, Stella Decker, Lilian Kilgore, Joy Johnston, Gloria Harkins, Clint and Sherrie Arnold, Linda Tompkins (Dorothy Pinkston’s friend), Debbie Morrison, Shane Walker ( AGS patient), Sondra Hayden, Zach Geary’s, grandmother Raveewan Coons; Arthur McLaughlin, Shirley Crowe, Shirley Vanover, Ginger Fields, Elizabeth Fulkerson,  John Briody,   Joe O’Bryan, Galena Fulkerson’s brother;  Sharon Miller,  Grace McDole’s son-in-law, Joe Hayden; Robin Austin,  Sandy Crabtree, Jack and Brayden Massy, Tana Skelton Williams


LONGTERM: Edie Lindsey, Jerry Skinner, Layla Hohimer, Ronnie Dicken’s sister Diane Smith

  Food Pantry and Blessings Boutique Patrons, Benevolence Fund Families, Pray for Our Nation, Farmers, The Lost, Hurting People, Kenny and Team Baptist Village Israel,  Women on Mission, Staff at CBC, Music & Worship Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Pray for each other, Other Churches & Pastors




If you would like to send a card to one of our shut-ins contact the church office for mailing addresses. 

Email your requests to or visit the Calhoun Baptist Church App and visit the Prayer Wall and add your request there. These prayer concerns can be downloaded at the link below.