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Today, I come to you with a remarkable story of resilience, faith, and hope from the heart of Sudan. In the face of unimaginable challenges and turmoil, the light of God's love continues to shine brightly, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands.

A recent report from the field reveals the challenges faced by Sudan and its people. War, conflict, and economic hardship have left a devastating impact, leading to the displacement of countless individuals, internally and across borders. Amidst the hardships, IMB workers like Jerry and Meg Brown have been steadfast in their commitment to provide assistance to refugees in bordering countries.

Trauma healing counseling and training for Sudanese Christians have been instrumental in meeting the needs of those affected. Funds have also been utilized to serve both refugees and Sudanese who remain in the country. Even in the face of uncertainty, our workers remain dedicated to God’s call and are hopeful in seeing the spread of the gospel.

Meg says, “We do believe God will use this to build His church. Even though we don’t know how, we know He will because that is His will, that every kingdom, people, tribe, nation will hear, even all those people groups in Sudan that have yet to hear.”

Join us in lifting up the people of Sudan in prayer as they navigate through these turbulent times. Please also lift up our missionaries, that the Lord would give them wisdom, compassion, and discernment as they minister to refugees in surrounding countries.

Read the full story from the field here:

We are humbled by your continuous support and dedication to bring the Great Commission into fruition. Your prayers and compassion are truly making a difference.

Thank you for standing with us.

In Christ,

Emily Hall
Prayer Content Specialist
IMB Prayer Office